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Welcome to Mesquite!
I would like to welcome you and your family to Mesquite Elementary School. We are committed to doing all we can to make each school year a positive and successful experience for every student. We firmly believe that a home/school partnership is necessary for the success of all of our students. Learning is not an easy process, it involves sharing ideas, sometimes making mistakes (and learning from them), and experiencing new things. Learning also involves hard work and perseverance by everyone: the teacher, the parent, the principal, and most importantly, the student.
At Mesquite, we value and challenge each student and provide opportunities for success. Instruction is based on the Arizona College and Career Ready Standards. You will quickly discover that Mesquite Elementary is a student-centered learning community committed to developing students that are proficient readers, conceptually understand math, and are global thinkers. We also focus on lifelong learning skills, which include equipping our students to be collaborative workers, self-directed learners, participants in society, information processors, effective communicators, and complex thinkers. Our students’ success is at the center of all we do.
Research and experience shows us that a parent’s/guardian’s involvement in a child’s education is directly related to his/her success in school. http://www.education.com/reference/article/benefits-parent-involvement-research/
To maximize your child’s success, emphasize the importance of education through the following:
  • Ensure that your child is at school and on time every day.
  • Attend parent/teacher conferences and school events.
  • Monitor your child’s homework/handouts daily.
  • Expect and support positive behavior at school.
  • Read with your child or encourage your child to read daily.
  • Stay in close contact with his/her teacher.
In addition, there are numerous volunteer opportunities in which we welcome you to become involved. Volunteers make a tremendously positive impact on and enrich our educational programs. Please consider supporting our school in this way. Our goal is to collaborate with each of you in assisting our children to reach their maximum potential. More information regarding the PTO and volunteering at Mesquite can be found on this website.
I look forward to partnering with you to make this an exciting and successful year for our students. Thank you in advance for your support and commitment. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me at (928) 373-4100 or [email protected].
Best Regards,
Karen Burns
Principal Burns
Karen Burns
I am honored to have this opportunity to briefly introduce myself to you. My name is Karen Burns, and I have the privilege of being the Principal of Mesquite Elementary School. I have been in the Crane School District for the last twenty years. I am elated for the opportunity to provide exciting and challenging enrichment opportunities for all our students and to work with you as a partner to ensure your child’s success.
As I’m sure you will agree, the education of our children is very important. During my years as a teacher, and later, an administrator, I have often thought of the quote “It takes a village to raise a child.” Now, as I work hard as Principal to continue the legacy of success established at Mesquite Elementary, I realize the education of children is a demanding job, best accomplished with the assistance of parents and the surrounding community. I encourage parents and community members to be active participants in the education of our students. My door is always open, and I would love to hear from you. One of the easiest ways to participate in the education of our students is to maintain effective lines of communication. We welcome ideas and volunteers as well. If you have concerns, comments, or would like to volunteer, please feel free to email me at: [email protected].