Weekly Update (2.26.21)

Happy Friday all. Please be advised of the following: 

We are happy to report that on Wednesday, March 3, 2021, many of our staff and faculty will receive their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccination. We are extremely grateful to the people and organizations that made this opportunity possible for our Crane team to receive this added protection after receiving their first dose on February 3, 2021.

Along with the protection that the second vaccination provides against the virus comes the potential for some significant side effects that could affect the ability of our staff and faculty to work for a day or two. Current estimates show that the second vaccination might affect up to 80% of the people that receive it — some more severely than others.

We are communicating this to you in advance since the instruction and support services our schools provide will likely look and feel different next Thursday and Friday, March 4th - 5th, 2021 after members of our Crane team receive their second dose.

The aftereffects coming from the second COVID vaccination that affect people’s immediate wellness are known and our administration has been planning for potential staff shortages in all areas of our district. However, it is near-impossible to predict which of our employees will be affected and how long they'll need to remain home to recuperate. Most reports tell us the potential side effects will be worse the day after receiving the vaccination with many recovering in about 24 hours. However, some report being unwell for several days before being able to return to work

Our number one priority is the safety of our students which means that supervision is key and will be given the highest priority. Our students' education comes a close second and the schools are working on contingency plans for learning. We are proud that our schools, because of the dedication of their staff members, have risen to meet difficult challenges in the past and we are confident they will under these circumstances as well.

Thankfully, people serving in ALL areas of our district were eligible to receive the vaccination which now means that all areas of our district might be significantly affected come March 4th and 5th including transportation, food services, front offices, as well as our teaching faculty. This might mean that bus service could be disrupted or even interrupted on those days should we not have enough drivers to cover all the routes. A separate message regarding this uncertainty will be sent to families whose children use our buses to get to and from school.

While potential disruption is another hurdle that our schools and families are being asked to clear, we can and will overcome this together. The result comes with the positive outcome of having many of our Crane team with significant protection against the COVID-19 virus, better able to move towards the dynamic learning environment we have come to expect in Crane Schools.

Have a wonderful weekend. Thank you!



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